In the artistic village of Gedera, located in the southern part of the Shfela region, the Zauberman Winery has been operating since 1999. It is a unique boutique winery owned by three friends who share a common love for travel, culinary arts, and wine.

The first partner, Itzik Zauberman, is the founder of the winery. He is a businessman, wine enthusiast, and devoted meditator who decided to combine his two passions.

The second partner, Raz Dahan, is an architect by profession who brought his love for wine and creativity to the winery.

The third partner, Sharon Nahum, is an entrepreneur and a member of the "Sharons" group, who grew up in a family of vineyard owners.

During their travels around the world, the friends tasted wines and toyed with the idea of transforming themselves from discerning wine consumers to heavenly wine producers. They emphasized a meticulous and controlled production process that prioritizes the quality of the final product over costs and quantities. Thus, the partners created their own interpretation of the ancient "Amphora" method, adapting it to the local conditions and terroir.

The partners built the winery themselves, and Itzik Zauberman, the founder, acquired equipment and began small production experiments for himself and his friends. After several successful attempts, they made the decision to produce the best wine possible. The partners began researching, specializing, and investing their utmost efforts into the production processes.

The winemaking process at the winery is characterized by a lack of compromises. It starts in the family vineyard belonging to one of the partners and continues during the harvest stage, where the grapes are handpicked by the owners and their families. This ensures that only selected, undamaged grapes are used and that the resulting product is entirely pure.

The philosophy of the partners focuses on innovation, professionalism, and creativity. They produce wines that best express the local climate, terroir, and vintage characteristics. The production is carried out in small quantities, approximately 8,000 bottles per year. The partners consider the wine as an "additional partner" and believe that it is influenced by the environment and can be affected by negative energies. Therefore, the handling and treatment of the wine are done with a positive mindset, mood, and energy flow.

The vineyard of the winery is located in the village of Kfar Ahim, situated in the Judean plain and exposed to the cooling sea breeze during the hot summer days. Already upon entering the vineyard, one can sense the family atmosphere and the special ambiance that prevails. The partners implement manual and meticulous pruning in the vineyard, ensuring the optimal delivery of raw materials for the drying process.