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The Partners

Beyond the Wine Experience

From the very beginning, it was clear that the story of Zauberman Winery is a story of friendship.

At Zauberman Winery, three friends are partners: Itzik Zauberman, the founder of the winery, a businessman, wine enthusiast, and devoted meditator who decided to combine his two passions.

Raz Dahan, an architect by profession, who brought his love for wine and creativity to the winery.

Sharon Nahum, an entrepreneur and member of the "Sharons" group, who grew up in a family of vineyard owners.

During their travels around the world, the friends tasted wines and toyed with the idea of transforming themselves from discerning wine consumers to producers.

After conducting experiments and acquiring tools, they made the decision to lead a meticulous production process that focuses solely on the quality of the final product, without considering costs or quantities.

Thus, the partners created their own interpretation of the ancient amphora method, adapted to the climate and produce of the Israeli land.

Throughout the entire process at the winery, personal and meticulous care is emphasized. The partners grow the grapes in Sharon's vineyard in Kfar Ahim, where they personally select and harvest the grapes with their families, ensuring the highest quality produce.

In the eyes of the partners, the wine itself is an additional partner, and therefore, they make sure to meet at the winery and examine the production process only when the energy, atmosphere, and mood are at their peak.

Zauberman Winery maintains its identity as a winery of family and friends, rather than a commercial winery. Therefore, the limited edition wines are only available in a small number of select stores and upscale restaurants.