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The Art of Winemaking

Mastering the Wine Alchemy

Embracing the Extraordinary in Winemaking

Zauberman is a boutique winery with a personal touch from its owners. The unique manufacturing process leaves no room for compromise and ensures that production is carried out in quantities that are not commercially driven, focusing on personally crafted wines.

The vineyard is located in the Judean Plains region, known for its high daytime temperatures that yield sugar-rich fruits with rich aromas and flavors. Simultaneously, the temperature variation between day and night contributes to the optimal ripening of the fruit.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the manufacturing process. Manual harvesting ensures careful selection and prevents leaves or insects from entering the harvested grapes.

After harvesting, the grapes undergo a drying process in hanging baskets in a specialized and unique drying facility developed by the winery owners. The grapes, enriched by the sun's rays in the Judean Plains, undergo low-temperature drying in a facility near the vineyard. The low temperatures and controlled evaporation maintain three essential characteristics of Zauberman wines: their intense color, unique taste, and captivating aroma.

Following the drying process, the grapes are transferred to small fermentation vessels for a long and slow fermentation at low temperatures, preserving the fruity flavors, aromas, and characteristics of the fruit.

Upon completion of fermentation, the wine is aged in oak barrels, where no compromises are made. Zauberman emphasizes the value of aging in new barrels imported from Italy and France. The new barrels add their unique flavor signature to the wine.

Part of the wine, specifically selected during fermentation for its potential for additional "spicing," undergoes a double aging process and is allocated to additional new barrels, resulting in a wider, deeper, and more concentrated range of flavors.

Even during the bottling stage, no compromises are made. Zauberman uses corks that have undergone a specialized anti-corking process, allowing for extended aging and improvement.

Every step of the Zauberman winemaking process is dedicated to one goal: crafting unique premium wines in taste and quality. Manual harvesting, the drying method, slow fermentation, aging in new barrels, and meticulous bottling all contribute to the creation of high-alcohol wines (15.5% - 17.5%) with distinct flavors and aromas. Zauberman wines are unfiltered, ensuring that none of the flavors are lost.